Kay's Braids, Fades, & More

Adult and children braiding and hair cutting services at an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Is hair included in the price?

A.  No, however I have braiding hair and accessories for purchase. Just notify me in advance that you will be needing to purchase hair.


Q.  Where are you located?

A.  We operate from our private home hair studio; thus, a deposit is required to book your initial appointment for our protection.


Q.  How should I prep my hair prior to service?

A.  Please come with freshly washed and detangled or blow dried hair.  For cornrows, make sure hair is blow dried straight so as to have smoother, slicker results in your style.


Q.  How long does it takes to complete braiding styles?

A.  It depends on the style.  Senegalese are usually the longest which may take up to 5-7hrs, box braids 5-6 hrs.Other styles such as cornrows, crochet braids and sew ins might takes on average 1-3hrs. 


Q. Do you really offer hair cutting services free of charge?

A. Yes! Given that we do not currently hold a California Barbers license, we are unable to charge for hair cutting services by law. Nevertheless, we are able to provide the latter free of charge and accept voluntary donations at the discretion of our clients.